Get to know us… Thanakoon International Company Limited and Asia Modern Works & Powder Coating Company Limited

From the first day of establishment since year 1990, up-to-date we become accepted & trusted by the renown Construction companies, as a leading supplier who supply bring along new innovative & high technology products for construction industry constantly.

Moreover, there are new categories of product that we have been produced and sales while we supply the materials for construction is Refrigeration products such as Cooler, Chest Freezer, Evaporative Cooling Air (Econ Air), and Shelf for Retail shop and Racking System for big warehouse management. Currently, we have clearly divided our products into 2 categories are

  1. Building Technology
  2. Retail Equipment

Year 1990

First paced with the development as sustainable
Asia Modern Works & Powder Coating Co., Ltd. Factory-1 has started to produce and sale the products made from steel sheet forming.
To produce M-Truss Pre-Fabricate Steel Roof Truss.
To produce the material for exterior & interior decoration the building.
New line launched on was Retail Equipments e.g. Shelves, Racking system, Shelves for Supermarket, Mini Mart Convenience Store & Car’s showroom
Racking for Warehouse, Building materials stores up to Industrial level.


Year 1998

Debut the refrigeration products   

The Company has researched, experimented and development steadily, till get ready to release quality product to the market such as

  • Chiller (0-10 celcius) for Foods & Beverage, product display / Retail Business.
  • Chest freezer, Stock Freezer (-16 to -26 celcius).
  • Eutectic Plate Freezer (-40 celcius) & Ice pack, Coolcell box for Icecream business.

Year 2006

The Company has been appointed as Distributors
Aluminium Composite Panel under copyright brand ‘Alucomaster’of the world’s leading manufacturer Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Material Co., Ltd.
Aluminium composite is new technology materials for decorative exterior & interior the building, its outstanding properties e.g. stylish, durable, light weight, strong, guaranteed the color long lasting more over than 10 years
Application: Office building, Residence, Condominium, Hotel, Showroom, Advertisement board and so on

Year 2007

First entry to the market of Evaporative Air Cooler system or  ECON-AIR

ECON-AIR imported under copyright brand Aolan (Fujian) Industry.

The company provided the Design & Installation Service according to customer requirement

  • Evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining the natural process water evaporation

  • With a simple, reliable air moving system. Fresh outside air is filtered through the saturated evaporative

  • Media, cooled by evaporation, and circulated by a blower.


  1. Crowed area or the area which needs to get cooling rapidly in a short time

e.g. school, kitchen, gym, factory, church, market, exhibition hall, conference room.

  1. The production sites with high temperature heating device 
    e.g. the workshop of Mounding injection, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, Glass, machining, foods processing and household electrical industry.

  2. The area which filled with odor, dust, polluted air 
    e.g. Hotel kitchen, hospital hall, plastic industry, chemical industry, leather industry, rubber industry, printing and dyeing industry, textile industry, farm etc.

  3. Large open areas e.g. Shopping mall, supermarket, amusement, entertainment center, waiting room etc.

  4. Greenhouse and agricultural scientific research base

Year 2008

With strong commitment to responsive the demand of the group customer Building &Technology for more variety, new innovative products with simple look designed, comfortable function, easy to install and environment friendly were presented to the market
Doors & Windows brand P7 made from Aluminium, of Tostem Thailand Co., Ltd.-Japanese quality – we were appointed as core Dealer.

Year 2014

Imported new technology M-Parking, a package Rotary Parking system that can expand parking capacity up in the air on tight and limited space to responsive the urban areas, particularly Bangkok city where crowded peoples & car while parking lot has not enough.

M-Parking system can be Modern Garage House, can be designed & adjustable fit to the size & space to fulfill the desire of customers by the professional team Engineer & Designer.

We were appointed as official distributor from Sekisuijushi Plametal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to sale Aluminium Composite under copyright brand “Plametal”, Japan’s Quality.

Year 2015

We were appointed as official distributor from Sekisuijushi Plametal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to sale decorative material for exterior & interior building under copyright brand “Metacolor”, e.g. Corner Trim, Border, and panel made from stainless steel 304L, gorgeous stylish eco-friendly and easiest installation

Business Philosophy

  • Customer’s satisfaction is top priority
  • Accuracy & Fairness
  • State-of-the-art technology & machinery
  • Modern Production process with computerized control
  • Excellent in Quality
  • On time delivery  
  • Eco-friendly policy