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58406PLAMETAL, which utilizes the functional beauty and workability of the materials, is very suitable for the radius bending, folding, and punching process.


It is possible to comply with all requirements of design planning, emphasizing the design flexibility.

  • Lightweight

PLAMETAL is a laminate structure of aluminum sheet and resin. The specific gravity is not more than 1.1. We have achieved a lightweight product as much as possible without reducing rigidity.

  • Endurance

Excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, contamination resistance, and abrasion resistance because of the highly weather resistant resin baked coating.

  • Strength

Screen Shot 2559-06-22 at 8.59.29 PMSuperior rigidity and outstanding impact resistance, wind load resistance, and snow fall resistance because of the composite material’s highly rigid aluminum and polymeric resin construction.

  • Smoothness

Very smooth because of the original laminating line.

  • Dimensional stability

The coefficient of linear expansion is almost the same as that of aluminum, with excellent dimensional stability and there is almost no warping due to thermal changes.

  • Processing

Because of the excellent workability for cutting, machining, radius bending, folding, joining, and punching, a great variety of beautiful designs are possible.

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Our products “PLAMETAL” are used everywhere in the city including interior and exterior such as signboard, tenant, subway, etc.
In the sign and the signboard field, we are the number 1 share in Japan.
Since there are many usage besides the following examples, please contact us to discuss about the specific order.


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