Heat Pump Dryer

1481523363670Heat Pump Dryer is the technology to preservation by drying method (lowering the amount of moisture). The heat pump dryer uses hot air to absorb moisture from your fruits and herb or vegetable in order to get them dry. After this air passes through the drum or the sheets, it goes through the evaporator which removes the moisture, which is collected as condensation and stored into a tank. The remaining air is re-heated and sent back to the drum to start the cycle again and continue drying.  This drying techniques is the energy saving, lower cost

The unique feature  of Closed-Loop Heat Pump Dryer  is taking away the moisture from the material to be dried is the essence of drying by the moist will change with the hot air circulation inside will accumulate to certain amount of water.  All these process will repeatedly till completely dry and it depends on the ambient also.










Closed-Loop Heat Pump Dryer is perfected for Agriculture products drying, Fisherman drying, Precious Chinese Herb drying, Tobacco drying, Linin fabric drying , Cloth drying, Wood drying as well as Industrial products drying.