M-Truss LogoPre-Fabricated Steel Frame House

New Innovative house built with advanced technology, with high quality materials including the design, manufacture and professionally installed, to responsive the requirement of those who want to build home completely, with 7 outstanding features, such as

1. Efficiency Structural, lightweight & strong
2. High Durability
3. Variety of Design
4. Time-saving
5. High Quality
6. Low Maintenance
7. Environmental Friendly


customer2-3Design, we designed by state-of-the-art software program, to calculate for bearing-wall structure, no need to have the pillar, suitable for decoration & support the design as well as other structures. Design standard is according to the Standard of Cold Roll Steel formed buildings of E.I.T (The Engineering Institute of Thailand)

Since we want the fast installation and lightweight if compared to traditional concrete construction materials (Kor Sor Lor) we need to use the material that has lighter weight, which can be reduced weight transmitted down to the foundation. It can be scaled down the size of foundation.


wangpong2The design of the floor and foundation can be done in two method are 1. Footing 2. Concrete Slab, to design the foundation could be done by take all the weight transmitted to the structures to calculate. The comparison would be compared the weight to the structure of concrete construction material (Kor Sor Lor) It will be less affected to the size and volume of material consumption for the foundation. Therefore, the weight of structure and lightweight of wall covering material can be scaled down the size of Foundation, other factors such as condition & environment of the construction site are need to be considered.
Pre-fabricated Structure comprise the Floor Joist – Wall Frame – Roof Truss
The installation period, the whole structure will take 3-4 days, by the specialized team. All parts of the structure have the Code Labels for installation by follow to the design and production including to the audit must conduct according to Check List, after installation is completed. Thus to ensuring the structural has strength and durable for using.

udomsukThe system consists of the electrical and plumbing system the company has designed these two systems together with the structural design. The design processed has given level & position it is called Service Hole for safety reason there has the plastic cap to protect from the sharp of steel frame which are safe and easy to install the system.
Surface Material, the company has screened and selected the best fit materials for exterior and interior job, aside the structure is wearing the effective loads it also can be the frame for other material to be applied on the surface such as Wall, Ceiling, decoration and Air condition
Doors & Windows, can be set up the sizes together the structural design, to prevent the dislocation would not occur in the sizing and level of the prefabricated steel structure, the operation can run fast and clean more than the conventional construction

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