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Prefabricated Roof Truss

All of our roof trusses are designed on the most up-to-date software and are manufactured according to high standards. Prefabricated roof trusses have several practical advantages:

  • High Standard & High strength.
  • They are easy to handle, lightweight and fast to install.
  • They are trusses to responsive you time-saving and low cost
  • They are high quality and long durability


Material, our trusses are made from

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steelรูปภาพ11
  • High Tensile steel
  • Yield Strength (Fy = 5,500 ksc.)

, our trusses are made from Hot-dipped galvanized steel in every singles pieces

  • Parts are cut to order, no waste material remain
  • Quality is consistency
  • Less process of work & easy to transport
  • Material & quantity is controllable


  • Our roof trusses are designed on the most up-to-date software with High Tensile Strength (G550), Yield Strength > 5,500 ksc., higher than general steel which has Yield Strength = 2,400 ksc. only
  • Our roof trusses are calculated for strength
  • Efficiency consumption material based on the Standard of Engineering Principle ‘Optimized Design”


  • Lightweight, the transportation can be done by man
  • No heavy machine need, roof truss is hot-dipped galvanized steel, noncorrosive
  • No welding need, fastening by screw, fast and easy installation
  • Use less worker
  • Quality is easy to inspect
  • Reduce the Construction time & wages

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Comparison table: Conventional roof & Prefabricated Roof Truss

DescriptionsConventional RoofPrefabricated Roof Truss
DesignTake longer times to calculate the amount of steel more than prefab. roof trussDesigned by modern software, calculation & amount of steel consumed is accurate, according to Engineering standard
ManufacturingInaccurate quality/ Manufactured based on length of plant / Installation takes long timeActual manufacturing, through the computerized system / Time-saving
MaterialBlack steel painted, rustproof  (Fy = 2,400 ksc.)High tensile steel G550 (Fy = 5,500 ksc.) Galvanized Steel
Thickness2.3 mm. / 3.2 mm.0.75 mm.
StructureC125 / C150 / C200C75
AssemblyWeldingFastening by Screws
Rust protectionPaintingCorrosion resistant coatings
Average steel consumed15 kgm27 kgm2
Quality of steelUneven qualityAbsolute quality
InstallationNeed an Expert / Quality control of weldingEasy to install / Lightweight
Roofing MaterialCPAC Monier Tiles / Tile Roofing / Metal SheetCPAC Monier Tiles / Tile Roofing / Metal Sheet
PurlinBlack steel / Different formatsGalvanized steel Purlin


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