Screen Shot 2559-06-22 at 9.11.27 PMWindows & Doors made from Aluminum, P7 produced by Tostem

i-nine-paholyothinP7 series is our luxury residential line, using only the most premium materials and luxury features for specialty or high-end residential properties, suitable for low to mid rise luxury projects, high standard accredited by JIS STANDARD.

Aluminum Doors & Windows the surface treatment is anodized color electric painting system, completely offered by the Japan’s efficiency, with unique features 7 performances that could be fulfilled the quality of your lifestyle  

  1. Water Tightness – to prevent water leaking get into home 250Pa with the rubber gasket and waterproof rubber around the house.
  2. Noise Insulation – able to reduce the noise from outside 25 dB
  3. Air Tightness – to prevent the dust, leakage of air conditioning evaporates to outside home, reducing the work load of air conditioning
  4. Safe & Secure – The sliding has multi-lock system installed, entreated doors designed to prevent tampering, reinforced by the buffers, and deburring the aluminum edge for safety reason.
  5. Wind Pressure Resistance – to resistance wind pressure about 80 kilograms per square meter, safety for some types of high rise buildings.
  6. Time-saving to install – manufacture by modern machine, glass panel, the quality control has conducted from factory this keep steady standard, and time-saving to installing at the job site.
  7. Maintenance Free– P7 used the most premium materials such as castor wheel, hinges and handles to facilitate open – close is comfortable for the family members of all ages, the customized application is adjustable, easy to cleaning  and last long.

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No. 1 Windows & Doors Aluminum in Japan by TOSTEM, luxury, reliable quality, well-known all over the world.

port7Products Range

  1. E’Z Series-combining performance and beauty, E’Z gives you a sleek design of curtain wall with water drainage system
  2. PRO-SE Series – giving the highest performance, together with truly elegant stylish design
  3. P7 Series – The luxury-design residential line for specialty or high-end residential properties
  4. WE-Plus Series – Filling the in the needs in the high rise market. WE-Plus is a smart choice, coming with very reliable quality.
  5. WE Series – created to satisfy the needs of value-added consumers and mid-range large-scale property developers.

For your specialty & luxury lifestyle, affordable price, P7 Series is your best choice.

Outstanding Features

  1. Last long, look new ever, lifespan is for more than 40 years, Scratching resistance, easy to clean
  2. Innovative technology, premium quality, conform with JIS standard of Japan, noise reduction performance, wind pressure resistance, waterproof, dustproof, easy to install
  3. Safety with security ‘double locks’ that keeps the window is securely shut
  4. Lightweight frame panel you can open-close easily with the vertical frame section
  5. Easy to cleaning sliding panel is removable for cleaning more often as you wanted
  6. Premium quality of locking system, castor wheels, sliding panels, resistant to open-close for more than 100,000 times, durability.

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