Storage Racking System

“Maximum storage flexibility and versatility”
peun_kaset2 k_logisticStorage racking system racking solutions are versatile allowing you to maximize your space while at the same time giving you the flexibility to operate with complete efficiency. It is most common form to organize warehouse, the racking system designed to stack materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels, also utilizing the wasted vertical spaces.
These racks are usually topped with pallets, which are one of the most primitive but effective, it means of storage. Forklifts allow for simple movement between the racking systems to transportation vehicles, which add efficiency to most types of warehouses operation.

chevlolet_showroompvtOur racking systems are designed with user’s comfort and safety in mind, load and usage tests of these products are done in actual operating conditions and environment, on the regular basis.





Types of racking

R006lotus_singburiSelective Pallet Rack

• Access large range of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s)
• First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management.
• Cheapest type of racking (per square meter)
• Multiple access (more than one truck in same aisle)
• No special truck requirements
• Lower Forklift or Pallet Handling costs; as standard forklifts are cheaper than specialized equipment.
• Floor level is not critical (front loaded)
Best for multiple storages, support the effective weight loaded about 1,000 – 4,000 kgs/level, 500-2,000 kgs/pallet, can storage up high to 3-8 meters.


peun_kaset2Long Span Shelf & Medium Rack

Long span shelving made from high tensile steel, it is a fully adjustable industrial shelving system that is perfectly suited to the storage of the light to medium weight items and the best of it all it is low cost, quick and easy to install which is helpful if you are on a short timescale. They are also fully adjustable in 50mm increments which allows for plenty of storage space, variety of applications, including
• Storage and display of hardware items such as paint, power tools, sanitary ware etc.
• Storage and display of tires and wheel rims
• Tools, dies, moulds and machinery spare parts in the production floor
• bulky automotive parts such as, windscreen, body parts, exhaust systems, brake discs, oil cans etc
• live carton storage for FIFO order picking in the pharmaceutical, music, stationery, and food industry
Medium Rack, able to support the effect weight loaded 300-600 kgs/layer, and Long Span Shelf able to support the effect weight loaded 600-1,000/layer

Multi-Rack System

Multi-rack system is suitable for big warehouse inventory management such as Hyper Mart supply the material for building & construction industry, for Supermarket and for warehouses. First layer can be displayed the merchandises for customer to see and buy, the upper layers are the storage shelves. The Design is versatile depending on the differentiate on size & characteristic of the products
Plate shelf support effect weight loaded 100 kgs/layer, the beam to storage the goods support effect weight loaded 500 kgs/pallet.
For supermarket’s shelving system it can be designed to your desired

pvtMezzanine Floor Storage System

Mezzanine floor system is an elevated floor/platform that is installed between the floor and the ceiling in the warehouse. Mezzanine Floor storage system can increase your facility’s capacity and productivity suitable for tight workspaces, this system will puts your vertical space to use considered as cost effective space solution. Additional, effective way by allowing you to utilize the unused vertical spaces that already exists in your facility.
After the mezzanine is constructed, the space beneath it is also accessible and can be used for storage or other purposes.  There are a few different types of mezzanines to choose from, but steel structural are the most common in warehouses.

The structure can be designed to support the effect weight loaded 300-1,000 kgs./ Square meter

Benefits of Mezzanine floor Systems
• The spaces can be used either underneath floor & mezzanine floor
• Increase the productivity
• Avoid or minimize moving expenses
• Minimize disruptions during installation
• Can be replaced the need to rent, build or purchase additional space
• Minimize additional property taxes
• Easy to demounting or relocating
• Provide the option expandability for future growth
• Knock-down system, easy to install, demounting or relocating
• Mezzanine floors options to choose such as steel plate, MDF etc.,

volvo_nokhonsawan ajinomoto
Micro Rack

Micro Rack is multi-purposes & adjustable shelves, to storage the light weight products such as tool box, parts, office’s equipment, and others small goods, capacity to support weight loaded about 100-150 kgs/layer



 Drive-In Racking System

Drive-In Pallet racking storage systems provide optimize spaces 50-80% in warehouse, ideals for high density storage same SKU’s same lane, last-in, first out pallet storage management, seasonal items that move quickly, and they are ideal racks for cooler or freezers where space is very limited.

Drive-in provides convenient, easy access to pallets with the space efficiency and high volume storage of block stacking, may be stackable up to 12 meters high with two opposing blocks serviced by a single access aisle.
Businesses requires fewer aisles for drive-in pallet racking and are able to store up to 75% more pallets in the same space, making drive-in pallet racking become an extremely popular and space-efficient solution.

kaihuarauDrive-in pallet racking channels are served in one direction and support LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory management, automated system. They can also be adapted to support FIFO (First In, First Out) inventory management and multi-direction channel access if necessary.

• Low cost of storage
• Low cost of trucks (counterbalanced or reach type)
• Front loaded, floor level is not critical
• Ideals racks for cooler/freezers industry where space is limited